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Nonfiction Bragging: WRAL Village Burgers Review

I’m a little slow this time in letting you all know I have another review up at WRAL’s Out and About. Forgive me? This one was on Village Burgers, the hamburger joint inside the University Mall in Chapel Hill. Was it worth reviewing? You bet your brioche bun. Here’s your teaser:

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — The mall is rarely my choice when I’m craving a burger, but one of our local chefs, Giorgios Bakatsias, opened a joint in Chapel Hill’s University Mall that is likely to change my tune. The Giorgios Group owns a string of fine-dining restaurants in the area, including Bin 54 and Parizade, so I was intrigued to see what would happen when this upscale, internationally trained chef took on the quintessential American meal…

You can read the rest of that review at WRAL here. And because a photo makes everything more exciting, here you go.


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City Kitchen

City Kitchen
201 South Estes Drive
University Mall, Chapel Hill

City Kitchen is part of the Giorgios Hospitality Group. It is a remodel from Spice Street, transitioning the huge, open space from a restaurant with dramatic, international flair to more of a French corner bistro writ large. The redesign is definitely keeping with trends—apparently, we all want menus that boast of their simplicity and ingredient focus. City Kitchen delivers just that, especially with its drawings of hogs and chickens on the gigantic chalkboard overhanging the kitchen that, of course, also bears some menu item descriptions. One must have a chalkboard menu for this trend, nevermind the more extensive menus given out at the table.

The space is divided the same as it used to be: an inviting outdoors eating area, a modern stone bar, and a cavernous dining room that now boasts abstract takes on French art mixed in with a rustic country door and chairs that bear the restaurant’s logo in a design my friend described as tramp stamp.

There is plenty of blonde and dark wood in keeping with that hip country theme as well as steel, blacks, and whites. Did I mention they also house a bakery? City Kitchen is the sort of restaurant where you’ll find meatloaf specials comingling with bouillabaisse. A variety of flatbread pizzas and sushi rolls get their own featured lists. There is an affordable cocktail list, which means I ordered one, of course.

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