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Intertwine Merlot 2013

Intertwine Merlot 2013
Oakville, CA

This red wine blend from Bridget Raymond uses mostly merlot from Napa Valley. It needs aeration to come to its full potential. Running it through an oxidizer worked well enough for me, but a few hours out in the decanter would also be fine.

After that initial step, take a sip. It’s like biting into your first piece of dark chocolate. It’s so very different from milk chocolate that you’re not sure you like it….but you keep nibbling. Eventually, you’ll recognize bright cherry undertones and wonder what you did with your life before that first bite.


It just barely eked out that rating with 61/100 on the Quini scale.

Most notably, the coloring is not that appealing and without aeration, texture is grainy and pulpy. Let it breathe, and that mellows out with an intriguing finish. It’s worth drinking—I’m pretty sure I’m ordering more if it’s still available. If it is, you can pick it up at NakedWines.Com for $35.50. That’ll be only $15.00 if you sign up to become an Angel through that ad on the right side of this page. Click right here just to buy the bottle: Buy me!

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Sin Fronteras Dos Mujeres 2013

Sin Fronteras Dos Mujeres 2013

Sin Fronteras

Drinking this blend of albarino and grenache blanc from winemaker Macario Montoya brought to mind scraggly bushes laden with berries and rooted in the thin, loamy soil of a cliffside or sandy hill—manzanita, maybe. Whatever it is, the slightest breeze threatens to uproot it, but the bush holds tight and doesn’t let go.

Which is to say the minerality of this wine comes through strong in the finish, but it still needs more depth of flavor. My Quini profile:

Sin Fronteras quini

My rating:


Other Winos’ Thoughts

Alfredo Wang, Naked Wines Angel

Light, fruity, and refreshing. Faintly sweet, goes well with or without food. Very nice.

Debbie Dunn-Boysen, Naked Wines Angel

Loved this one. Light, but had some body. Little dry and grassy, but not too much. Great with summer food. Love the screw top. Will be looking forward to more from this winemaker.

Robin Teague, Vivino User

Big citrus notes, a touch of pear, then as it opens a wink of vanilla. Found it to be a nice summer sipper.

This is another NakedWines.Com bottle, but it’s no longer available for sale. I’m looking forward to trying Montoya’s red wines soon, though. And just because you can’t purchase this wine doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of NakedWines.Com’s $100 off voucher!

Receive $100 Off a $160 Order of 6 or More 750ml Bottles of Wine. First Time Customers Only.

I just made my first purchase as an Angel with NakedWines.Com, and let me tell you, between the two free bottles I received in my second shipment of wine and that I only paid 60 additional dollars for a case with the funds I’d already banked, it does feel like a deal. Not sure that it genuinely is yet or not, but tasting my way through all these new reds will help me determine that. I’ve had worse tasks.

If you’re interested in becoming an Angel regardless of my end result, click away and sign up here! Miss my post on what being an Angel is exactly? It’s right here. I’ve been an Angel for approximately 30 days now and that case I just mentioned was my first purchase as one. And yes, if you make a purchase through those ads, I’ll make a commission, but all the funds I’m spending on NakedWines.Com are my own (obligatory disclosure).

Reviewed 9 October 2014.

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Akiyoshi 2013 Sangiovese Rosé

Akiyoshi 2013 Sangiovese Rosé
Lodi, California


Drink this light rosé and be reminded of playing grown-up with your mother’s make-up collection. She’ll probably yell at you, but she’ll give you a new berry lipstick balm of your very own the next morning. She’s sorry, but please don’t do it again.


On the Quini scale, I gave the Akiyoshi 2013 Sangiovese Rosé a 69/100.

quini rose akiyoshi

My full profile is as follows:

Akiyoshi quini profile

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