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Boeger Hangtown Red Lot 49

Boeger Hangtown Red El Dorado Red Wine Lot 49
Placerville, CA


This wine’s label is quite descriptive, recalling the days when Placerville was called old Hangtown and the Wild West reigned supreme. The label claims the wine captures that spirit, but we’ll let my taste buds decide whether or not it deserves the noose.

The coloring is dusky red, closer to brown I’d say, and it appears unfiltered and thin. Minimal legs are present. Fruitcake notes of dense molasses and bursts of apricot, plum, and spiced bread dominate its aroma.

It’s much tastier than I expected based on appearances. The fruitcake notion holds up, though it’s closer to moist, spongy gingerbread with vanilla glaze and a lot of plum and candied cherry. It’s a pleasant, enjoyable wine, though it’s not quite as smooth as I’d like. Interestingly, I went to this winery when I was in Placerville last fall, but I didn’t realize the Hangtown was from Boeger until researching for other bloggers’ thoughts on the wine. It’s a great place to visit, so check it out sometime.


Other Blogger’s Thoughts:

Lots of favorable mentions of this wine, but no complete reviews, per se.

Reviewed 28 Jan 14.

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Abancay Mascara del Sol 2010 Crianza

Abancay Mascara del Sol 2010 Crianza


This is a Spanish wine blend of 70% tempranillo and 30% merlot. The nose offers up mild alcohol heat with prune, vanilla, and clove notes. It tastes strong, both in alcohol and in its flavors being bottled up tightly together, so I’d recommend letting it breathe. Clove and tamarind stick out, and a citrus corona rises as I swallow it down.

Oxidizing a second glass dulled the alcohol heat, allowing allspice and morello cherry notes to stand out from the tamarind and clove. It would do quite well with heavier Mexican or Indian dishes.  The wine is better when oxidized, pleasant even, but still not especially memorable.


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First Vine Red Wine Blend


The First Vine Red Wine Blend (Sonoma, CA) is one cheap glass of wine. But there are times when you know only a cheap wine will do. Those times are when you don’t care what you’re drinking — you just want something vaguely alcoholic in your throat and so you should not spend much money to get it. Those times are also the times in which you’ve been waiting forever for something stressful to be over and it finally, finally is and you’re too relieved to buy alcohol you want to savor – you just want to drink it.

But enough about me. This wine smells mildly of leather, cherry, and sulfur. Yes, I said sulfur. But I meant chemicals and plastic. The nose is all-around unremarkable unless you count that it should serve as a warning. Drinking it is a little more exciting. It’s heavy on the leather, and that sulfite taste is strong. So if you don’t mind a bit of chemical with your grape, you’ll be all right with this wine. It mostly reminds me of sharp herbs, almost like munching on a curry leaf. For fruit, my husband tastes grape, I taste cherry with thin vanilla but agree that the aftertaste is grapey.

I could do without the chemical element, but honestly, I’ve had much worse $3.99 bottles of wine.


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