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11 February, 2014

Ridge Distillery Absinthe Blanche

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Ridge Distillery Absinthe Blanche Kalispell, MT 116 proof This absinthe is completely clear, as I’d imagine the blanche designation indicates. It has few legs to speak of when swirling it in the glass and is a completely blank slate based on appearance. Its particular anise smell reminds me of the thick, black, candy bites of
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19 April, 2013

Meadow of Love Absinthe Superieure

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Meadow of Love Absinthe Superieure Delaware Phoenix Distillery Walton, NY   Let’s be real — Meadow of Love is a very hippie name for a spirit. And let me be realer — hippie names speak my language. I went to college in Santa Cruz, people. I’m not an ideal hippie myself, but the culture is
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18 February, 2013

Red Diamond Shiraz 2009

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Red Diamond Shiraz 2009 Washington State This Shiraz has the most interesting nose I’ve smelled in a while. It’s full of leather and juicy blackberry. The wine itself is much thinner than expected for a Shiraz, but it’s nicely matured. Blackberry swoops up then is replaced with whipped cream and spices. Pink peppercorn, a hint
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7 September, 2011

Pernod Anise

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Pernod Anise French anise-based liqueur Oh, licorice, how I love you in your many forms! Hang around me for long and you will learn a little secret: Sambuca is my undoing. Absinthe is a close second. However, my opinion of Galliano is much, much lower, so I was unsure whether or not Pernod would match
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2 March, 2011

Shannon Ridge Ranch Collection Zinfandel 2008

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Shannon Ridge 2008 Ranch Collection Zinfandel Lake County, CA This red wine has a strong nose of super ripe blackberries and red licorice. Spice rises to the forefront when sipped, wrapped in just enough fruit to tame it. It’s delicious. Anise, mild cinnamon, and a depth to it that I’m calling sandalwood. The fruit combines
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28 April, 2010

Trader Joe’s Reserve Growers Petite Sirah 2008

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Trader Joe’s Reserve Growers Petite Sirah 2008 California Nice raspberry and leather nose with plenty of clove. The wine is surprisingly thin before the spices fill in the gaps. Clove is indeed one of those spices, and anise is, too. The fruit is there, but it’s second fiddle to the spice. In addition to the
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