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Vita Frute Cocktails


A few years ago, I reviewed a few drinks made with Veev aḉai liqueur at Ruby Tuesday’s back when the brand first launched. I enjoyed those drinks and how clean the spirit tasted. It imparted a crisp and mild berry flavor to the cocktails that I found quite appealing.

Fast forward to this last winter, and Veev has done well enough to introduce Vita Frute, a line of pre-mixed cocktails that all feature Veev and a simple list of ingredients. Klout Perks and Veev offered free bottles to a few cocktail reviewers, and I was happy to participate. And thus you have been served my obligatory disclaimer that I did not pay for these cocktails.

There were only two varieties available at the CVS where I exchanged my coupon for bottles of Vita Frute, so I did not have the chance to review their cosmopolitan flavor also on the market. But I probably would have chosen to try the margarita blend regardless.


The ingredients are Veev, tequila (I have no idea what brand; it was definitely silver), lime and lemon juices, and agave syrup. There is nothing I dislike about it. The Veev’s soft berry combines well with those classic margarita elements, mellowing the normally strong punch of tequila in a margarita. I could see that quality being welcomed by some and loathed by others. I think it would depend on my mood as to whether this style of margarita would be preferred…and also the weather. On a sweltering hot day, I’d prefer the Vita Frute to a classic margarita. The drink is light and not only in calories (125 per 3 oz.). It bursts with citrus that puts a smile on my face.

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Bangkok Fever @ Jujube

Bangkok Fever @ Jujube
Glen Lennox, Chapel Hill
My Restaurant Review

bangkok fever

Once again, Jujube proves to me that their cocktail list is second to none in the Triangle. Bangkok Fever’s ingredient list is Thai-chili-infused reposado tequila, passion fruit juice, and cinnamon salt. And it’s amazing. The essential cinnamon salt livens up every sip, playing with the spice and sweetness. Don’t be deterred by how thick the rim is—the cinnamon is never overwhelming and it has an earthier role in this than it typically does in a cocktail. I love passion fruit, and you all know I adore heat in my drink. The chili provides a moderate kick, but I’d imagine most folks would find it pretty darn spicy. The tequila’s punch is perfectly balanced with the rest of the ingredients.

More, please.


Reviewed 29 April 13.  

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The Boy’s Club at the Borough

The Boy’s Club
The Borough
Downtown Raleigh

This cocktail is a Kahlua, Bailey’s Irish cream, and Frangelico trio shaken up with chocolate and iced Counter Culture coffee. If you’re thinking dessert, you’re thinking correctly, as most coffee cocktails fall under that category.

borough boys club

The drink is indisputably gorgeous with that chocolate pattern laced into the lovely layer of foam on top. I think milk must be a secret ingredient, or this drink has a very healthy dose of Bailey’s that doesn’t come across when drinking it. The coffee is subsumed by the milky elements. Of the alcoholic ingredients, Frangelico comes through loud, clear, and nutty. It has that tendency.

The Boy’s Club is an attractive drink, but it needs more coffee.


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Reviewed 26 Jan 13.

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