Poggia Basso Grappa del Piemonte

Poggia Basso Grappa del Piemonte
Ghemme, Italy
40% ABV


This is my first grappa. Well, unless you count that one time I drank it while waitressing at Vinny Testa’s in Boston’s Back Bay. I assure you, you should not count that. But I think it was better than this?

The grappa has a nutty smell, mainly peanut, which is rather odd for a grape liquor. Actually, it’s more like peanuts left in the car too long and circus peanuts all at the same time. It brings to mind the Christian Brothers Frost White Brandy I reviewed back in 2010…which I really didn’t like. Plastic strawberries is all else I can come up with for smell. Big League bubblegum strawberry. Hopefully, the taste is better?

No. It’s highly alcoholic. I think it may have dissolved taste buds. I think I’m adding an ice cube. Two ice cubes. Drinking it is not much different from the nose, except it’s all circus peanuts. Have I mentioned I hate circus peanuts? Okay, it’s like a purer version of circus peanuts without all the additives. I’m not sure if that’s an improvement.

It’s going to take a LOOONG time to clear this bottle out from my cabinet.

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Christmas Gift Ideas: Wojo Wallets and Enfusia Bath Products

What’s that? I’m writing a product review that isn’t about food? In fact, I’m writing two of them, just in time to tickle on your Christmas gift-buying toes. Obligatory disclaimer: I received all of these items for free as samples from the companies. It’s up to you to decide if that makes me biased or not.

The first item, the Wojo Wallet, does qualify as blog-related even without being edible, and that’s because it’s intended for travel.


It’s a much sleeker option for stowing your absolutely necessary wallet items than whatever clunkier one you use for everyday use.


Yep, that’s my clunkier wallet. I love it and its many pockets, but as I just tested out on my Thanksgiving trip to LA and Universal Studios, the Wojo Wallet takes up a lot less space and declutters the travel experience. It’s light, easily slips into—but not out of—any pocket, and fits up to 6 cards inside the sleeve plus cash under the outer band. I had five cards + cash in mine; those passengers were tight and snuggly—no fear here that the cards would fall out! That can be hard to accomplish without making the outer band so strong that taking cards out is a pain, but I had no problem removing them.

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Last Day for the PULP Literature Kickstarter! And an interview with Thlush-A-Lum’s Markella.

The countdown clock is ticking! There are only 22 hours left in PULP Literature’s Year 2 Kickstarter campaign, and the magazine’s at 89% of its goal. That’s so close! Please consider boosting it up over the edge. By doing so, you’ll be supporting fiction writers as PULP Literature pays professional rates. Which means you’ll be supporting me as my “Thlush-A-Lum” will be published in the next few weeks in PULP Literature Issue #5. Just click that little image below, and you can reserve your $5 e-copy or $15 print copy of Issue #5 now. Do it. Do it!

Additionally, “Thlush-A-Lum’s” main character, Markella, gave PULP Literature an interview last week. What did this young woman have to say about her family, the noises that seek her out, and what she thinks of herself? Find out here.

Missed my teaser earlier? Here’s “Thlush-A-Lum”s first few lines:

Markella’s earliest memories are of the sounds outside her window. At hours when no men moved, rustling branches and shuffling grass woke her. A beating pulse like slower, fleshier helicopter blades banished sleep: thlush-a-lum thlush-a-lum. In summers, the heat in her attic bedroom hot enough to incubate, Markella pushed the window open and dozed to the endless static drone of cicadas. In winters, choking radiator warmth wrapped tight around her, she cracked the window and the low, deep hoots of an owl drifted in with the freezing breeze.

The sounds crept in no matter the season.

And look out for PULP Literature Issue #5 coming your way soon!
Pulp Literature #5

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