Lazy Bones Cabernet Franc 2009
Paso Robles, CA

This wine has quite the backstory, from the crazy label (is that art deco?) of a naked woman hanging out on her bed to the explanation of why on the back of the bottle. Lazy Bones, you see, is for those lazy days when all you want to do is nothing. I want to like their marketing, but frankly, if I want to be a blob all day, I don’t do it naked. Naked women selling products is just so, well, lazy. But then they won me back with a surprise on the cork. Pop it out, and you discover the cat asleep on the corner of the bed! Very cute.

It’s a tight wine that definitely needs decanting. Without some aeration, it’s all pepper with a few mineral notes. After aeration, a lot more earthiness comes out, of the soil variety, not the leaf. There are plum notes throughout. The pepper is still prevalent but a lot more subdued. I’m still not in love with it, though, and it will not become my rainy day friend.

Other Bloggers’ Thoughts:

Viva la Wino!

This is everything that is wrong about cheap wine in a convenient, one-bottle package . . . what I got was an uncomfortable mouthful of cedar and oak, along with some truly buried berry flavors. And thus the wine becomes one with its’ tacky-ass label, by exhibiting the lazy wine-making style of way too much fucking oak.

Jason’s Wine Blog

This one doesn’t go wrong on the nose that shows underripe blueberry and stone notes. Nor on the initial entry that comes off as light and juicy on the palate. But from there it spirals . . . By the time this one makes it to the middle of the tongue, it feels as if an oak barrel has transformed into a WWF wrestler and has you locked in the Iron Sheik’s sleeper hold. There is no acidity or tag team partner to save you and no matter how many times you tap the mat the wood flavors keep on choking you and choking you. I don’t pour much wine down the drain but this left me no choice.

Reviewed 1.24.10.

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